• 1FTSW31F32EB76476
  • 120,000 miles
  • Power Steering
  • Automatic transmission
  • Electric assist brakes
  • 18 Wheeler air ride driver's seat
  • Ridiculous air horns from a locomotive
  • CB Radio with PA speaker
  • Rebuilt high output alternator
  • Dual batteries for bus only 12v electrical system
  • 7500 110v gas generator with 35 gallon tank
  • Dual deep cycle 6v batteries in series (12v) for auxiliary accessories
  • Dual roof mounted 110v air conditioners (gets very cold inside)
  • 40,000BTU propane furnace (gets very hot inside)
  • Dual external mounted switchable propane tanks (accessible under rear seat)
  • Triple burner propane stove
  • 110v microwave
  • 110v toaster over
  • 110v mini fridge
  • Six 6"x9" speakers and four 10" subwoofers (very loud and nice system)
  • No stereo head unit, just plug in an iPod or any other mp3 player
  • 50 gallon freshwater tank under interior seat
  • Old tube style 27" HD television
  • 35 gallon external black water tank
  • Small wet bar sink
  • Plumbed toilet
  • Entire bathroom converts to shower in seconds
  • 1/2 Keg kegerator with tap mounted to bar
  • Auxillary keg tap outside behind still functional stop sign (great for tailgating)
  • Seats 14 people comfortably
  • Sleeps six strangers comfortably, eight good friends
  • Lots of storage
  • Stripper pole on dance floor
  • Heavy duty curtain to separate drivers compartment from passengers
  • Coolest party bus you have ever seen

  • This bus was custom renovated in 2001 by five out of work engineers. It has a solid base. The floor was stripped clean, sealed with driveway sealer, pressure treated 3/4" playwood layed throughout, then sealed again with everything proof garage floor sealer. All construction is extremely well done and planned out. That said, this is not a maintenance free vehicle. If you do not know how to look at something that is broken and fix it, or at least have someone in your group that can do that, you don't want this bus. There is no dealer to take it to. The entire interior was hand built. The cushions were hand sewn with custom fabric, etc. The walls are all insulated as well as the ceiling. We planned to take it on ski trips but never did. The windows are all tinted limo black.

    A thorough walk through will be provided and any all questions will be answered. We have over $35k invested in the bus. This bus is ideal for parties, tailgating, hauling large groups of women to bars, renting it out for bachelorette parties, camping, you name it. The paint is oxidized but does wax up very well. There is a small amount of rust behind each of the front tires and that is about it. Other than that, the body is from a 1988 bus that has been outside. It's in decent shape, but not going to win any car shows. The motor has never given us any trouble, we did all the regular fluid maintenance when required. It takes 5 gallons of oil when you change. The first scheduled overhaul of the motor is at 600,000 miles so there is still plenty of life in it. It only goes 55mph. It's not goverened, that's what it is geared at. The only time you can go faster is downhill with a tailwind.

    The floor carpet is generic Home Depot blue closed loop carpet. We would just replace it every year. It was easier than cleaning it and it gave the bus that new car smell. This bus has many incredible stories and memories for us. Whoever buys it, I recommend you be single and have lots of friends that like to party. If you don't have any friends, you will after you get this bus. Anywhere you go in this bus, you will be an instant rockstar. The bar top doesn't come with the bus since it has inlaid pictures of all of us epoxied in it. It also has the option to plug into shore power just like an RV. There is also a battery charger for when the generator is running or it is plugged into shore powerto charge the auxillary batteries. The two batter systems are isolated so if you kill the auxillary batteries, the bus batteries are still intact and you can start the bus. There is also a switch on the dash that will "bridge" the systems in case you need to do that for any reason.

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